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Amazon, Netflix and Google, Fighting Over New Gas

The next supply crunch that might catch markets off guard isn’t lithium. It isn’t even a metal for batteries. Although the media frenzy around electric vehicles has everyone’s attention, another product could be generating an investment opportunity to rival them all. We believe it has the potential to be much bigger than the cannabis boom, which allegedly saw some investors make 1,000 percent returns. It’s helium, of sure.

Some researchers say, we’re running out of it. It’s no longer just a specialty item. It isn’t just about the balloons. And we believe it is well placed to attract increased investor interest. It’s all about exploration, discovery, and growth, just like oil and Gas. And we believe the best returns will come from small-cap explorers who are trying to make it big on their own with a new discovery.

Right now, we believe Canadian Avanti Energy Inc., backed by an established team that was involved in the discovery of the Montney, one of North America’s largest natural Gas discoveries, is the best bet, fresh off the acquisition trail. The Montney discovery is still producing and has been for over two decades, producing up to 300,000 boe/d at its peak.

Avanti has now secured a 6,000-acre licence from the Government of Alberta in highly prospective helium territory, at what appears to be the nadir of a global supply crunch. Avanti, on the other hand, has its eyes set on North America as a whole, not just Canada. They revealed on April 16 that they had signed a letter of intent to purchase a 12,000-acre prospective helium land package in Montana.

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