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AG Believes Natural Gas Spike Defies Kansas Law

Attorney General Derek Schmidt has raised questions over the natural gas price fluctuations. According to AG Schmidt, drastic rise in the natural gas prices reported last winter seem to defy the Kansas law. In accordance with the state law and regulations, he is reaching out for external legal help for probing the concerns.

Schmidt’s office commented that they are planning on retaining a law firm that specialises and has expertise in the natural gas marketspace. With highly specialised team of experts the Schmidt will have the right resources for the investigation. The law firm will also help with any foreseeable civil litigation which will be focused on imposing Kansas’ anti-profiteering law.The office initiated the probe first implementing the investigation in February. Since then, team has worked on determining if the sharp spikes in natural gas prices are violating Kansas Law, Schmidt said.

As per the state law, any unjustified increase in prices of essential or necessary goods or services is prohibited. This state law prevents added circumstances during a declared state of emergency situation. Schmidt said that the investigation has now come to a stage where more resources and expertise are of great importance. Specialised insights within the much complex natural gas market are essential for conclusive probe.

Kansas utility regulators have declared that they cannot investigate if the natural gas utilities were triggered by the interstate suppliers. The Kansas Corporation Commission is rather more focused on designing payment plans for customers.

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